Ladakh Policeman Is Educating Village Children With His Own Money, India needs to salute this policeman

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s future they say and its really imperative for all the citizens of this proud country to ensure we can provide a helping hand to educate those children who cannot afford the expenses. This is exactly what Tsewang Dorjey, a policeman from Leh, Ladakh is doing.

Dorjey is a 43 year old sub-inspector at J&K Police and he loves to spend time with kids. In a rural area by the name Shara in Ladakh, where the climatic conditions are so harsh and adverse that the kids can’t really travel long distances to get to proper schools, Dorjey came in to aid those kids.

Picture Source: Better India

He collected money to commence an English medium nursery school, the Social and Educational Welfare Association (SEWA) Shara Nursery School, which is like a preparatory school for children before they get into mainstream higher education schooling.

Dorjey after completing his education in Jammu, came back to Shara to work with an NGO as a rural development officer. After spending 5 years with the NGO, he decided to join the J&K police and that thing really kept haunting him for a long period of time during his stay in Shara was the state of education.

He then decided to start a nursery school in the area as he felt really bad for the children who were missing out on some golden days of their education life. Dorjey wants the kids in the area to get the better of the adversities surrounding them and enjoy their schooling.

Set up in 2007, this nursery school caters to over 30 students. The syllabus includes basic subjects like English, Hindi, Maths, etc. The school also has a small playground. The best part about the entire story is, he is doing it all by himself, without expecting a single penny from any of these children.

“The climatic condition in Shara is really bad and challenging. Children have been missing out on their golden period of learning due to this. I feel education is a very important part of one’s life and everyone should have access to it in spite of their location,” says Tsewang.

Well, we have very few such gems left in our world isn’t it?

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