17yr old Indian student invents a model that helps reuse all garbage

At a time when human beings are going through daunting challenges. To provide the growing population with basic needs such as adequate food on their plate, potable water in their glass, cloths, electricity etc. is the major challenge. Even if we somehow succeed in providing the basic requirements to them, our responsibility towards the environment pops up thereafter. We cannot develop our society at stakes of harming environment.

So far, we have polluted drinkable water on earth by releasing waste material of homes and factories into rivers, without doing water treatment. Almost all rivers across the world have been begrimed. Tons of CO2 is being pumped into the atmosphere on daily basis which has put the world under threat. Above all, we humans produce millions of tons of solid waste which is causing several diseases to us.


Now the only question would be on your mind is “how shall we cope with these issues?” The answer is “technology”. Only technology can handle these problems effectively.


Keeping this in mind, 17-year-old  Mahesh Shantaram Bhadane from Silvassa (Union territory of India) has shocked the whole world with his invention that will help to handle solid waste problem. His technology will convert the waste into organic manure which can be used as fertilizers in agricultural farms. The manure will be effective and highly prolific as far as farming production is concerned. If the technology is implemented at grass root level in the right way, we will be able to prevent farmers from broadcasting chemical fertilizers in farms which cause deadly diseases.


Mahesh, under guidance of his school teach Smt Smita Patil, has made a model named “Hermetia Sanitizing Bioconverter” which is used to produce Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL). Basically, this model can build a colony of Black Soldiers Flies, and one colony can eat up 15kg garage. Mahesh says we can build several such colonies and therefore tons of garbage can be eaten up by the soldiers. However, the flies eat only cellulose materials, not plastic bags or other plastic stuffs.


The teenage student has been appreciated by the government as well and his model has been selected for National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) science book. An exhibition of his technology is to be held in August this year in Insef National Exhibition. He has already presented his model at different places in India and has won some Prizes too. He has been working on this since he was just 14 year old.