Communal riots break out in Sambhaji Nagar between two Muslim groups

Incidents of communal unrest between Muslims and Hindus have been a longstanding issue. However, recent social media videos depict clashes specifically between two Muslim communities in Sambhaji Nagar. Disturbingly, violence has erupted between the Sunni and Ahmadiyya communities, with a significant revelation indicating that the majority Sunni community alleges an attack by the minority Ahmadiyya community following a dispute among children.

According to the video, women belonging to the Sunni Muslim community assert that the conflict originated involving young children. Allegedly, individuals from the Ahmadiyya community initiated an attack on children, and when a child’s mother intervened to protect her child, she was also subjected to severe beatings. The majority Sunni community claims that the minority Ahmadiyya community attacked them after a dispute between children. As a result, 64 people have been arrested.

Women of the Sunni Muslim community request that they get justice and they are extremely afraid of such threats. The women are requesting help for their safety so that such fights do not happen again. Mainstream media and Muslim influential bloggers have completely ignored this violence. This big incident is not being discussed openly.

Nowadays, incidents of communal violence and mutual disputes are increasing. Due to this society is facing shortcomings. It is hoped that soon peace and harmony will be established in this situation of Sambhaji Nagar. Treeni has shared many videos of this riot on ‘X’. After watching the video, users have shared many reactions.

One user writes, ‘I am glad Ahmadiyya’s are showing some spine in India. They have been almost wiped out in Pakistan.

Another user writes, ‘Peaceful people spreading peace everywhere they go.’

Another user writes, ‘The rioting wasn’t merely about over kids being beaten. Padegaon Ahmediyas & Sunnis had an ongoing fight for many years, & they didn’t allow each other in their segregated areas. They had a serious fight 15 days ago too, but this time many are hospitalized. Source: Local reports. ,

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