Secret Footage From German Testing Lab Shows Monkeys, Dogs, Cats Screaming In Pain

There is no doubt that poor animals have been experiencing immense torture by human beings who think he is the only living being to enjoy the resources, freedom and many more on Earth.

Man can do anything tight from rearing a bird or an animal to slaughtering it for his own table purpose. But, he doesn’t realise that animals too deserve freedom and everything they want.

The voiceless creatures end up getting trapped at the hands of the evil humans who are greedy enough to kill them, eat them and make money out of them. This is because the so-called other living beings cannot protest against the killings or the discrimination against them.

Cruelty beyond imagination:

A shocking footage of monkeys screaming in pain inside a german lab has gone viral on social media. The heart-breaking video also shows cats and dogs bleeding after undergoing some cruel tests.

Credits: Mirror

The video which was shot secretly throws light on the cruelty that has been taking place behind the scenes inside the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT) in Hamburg, Germany.

As per horrible footage, newly-born monkeys being strapped and hung for hours inside the cages. After that they are tested upon by laboratory technicians.

Further, the 8-minute-long video shows toxicology tests being performed on domestic animals- cats, dogs and rabbits, leaving those poor little creatures in a highly distressed state.

The tests, apparently have been performed to mark a ‘safe’ dose for humanbeings when manufacturing drugs and other chemicals.

Shockingly, those animals are poisoned up to certain degrees in order to calculate that safe mark.

Most of them either die during the procedures or are left to die after the completion of the testing process.

What makes things worse is that none of these animals are given anesthetics or pain relief medicines before, during or after the testing procedures.

Humans are doing everything to make the planet look from bad to worse. They have already taken the world in a wrong way barring little positives. Because of them, the planet is experiencing a massive change that can cause some serious effect in later stages to come.

At one end, man is reaping benefits with the technology, natural resources– and at the other end- he is destroying the environment and other life forms which is truly not acceptable at all. Do we deserve to be on this planet? Surely, not!

Animals are not ours, to use for entertaining or for experimentation purpose. They can’t speak up for themselves. Animals should enjoy their life and not have to always be trained to do what is not normal.

Leave them alone. Kindly share and spread this article so that no more animal should be treated in this way.