A Drunkard Tweets Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, Lands Straight In Jail

In a series of total unexpected events, a passenger in Indian Railways landed in trouble unnecessarily. A passenger on the Bhind-Indore Intercity Express tweeted railway minister Suresh Prabhu that he was being harassed by the TTE and some other fellow passengers.

Picture Source: The Indian Express

Suresh Prabhu took immediate action and requested the local police to act accordingly. But what happened later was unexpected. “Turned out, he was drunk. He was arrested and is now in jail,” said an official to Times of India.

Suresh Prabhu is often praised for his quick reaction on twitter. There were many instances when passengers in Railways requested him something on Twitter and they responded quickly. In this case, Dewas resident Prayas Taravi tweeted that a ticket examiner and an RPF officer were misbehaving with him when he asked for a fresh bedroll. He mentioned he was in berth 39 of B1 coach.

After his tweet was forwarded to Avi Upadhyay, the RPF commandant at Bhopal and other officers, a team was sent to speculate and they were surprised to learn that the person who tweeted was actually drunk.

Taravi engaged himself into a verbal battle when the TTE asked him to show his ticket. As the TTE tried to explain that it was the job of a coach attendant to provide him with the bedroll, the passenger insisted that he will not show his tickets until his demands were met.

“When the matter was examined it was found that the passenger was drunk and had sent the tweet in an inebriated condition. His complaint was false. In fact, he was creating nuisance inside the coach,” said an RPF officer to Times Of India.

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