This is how the bank fools people who don’t count their money

We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by scam and fraudery. Every step that we take, we must do it carefully. In the recent video, that has been doing rounds on the internet, one can see how easy it is for the bank to fool people.

We often feel a sense of assurance when we collect the money from the bank with the seal. However, it is very easy for people at the bank to fool innocent citizens. This video that is originally in Punjabi shows a simple technique of using an ordinary pen to remove money from a bundle of sealed notes. Here is what is actually done to fool people:

As you can see, a thin pen is inserted in a bundle of otherwise sealed notes. This pen is then rolled in a strategic manner due to which a couple of notes can be removed without breaking the seal. This extremely easy technique is used by people at the bank while handing over bundles of note which we tend to take home without counting.

There is an old saying that prevention is better than cure and hence one should always count their money before leaving the bank. As you can see in the video this technique requires no expertise and can be carried out with a lot of ease. The seal remains completely intact despite putting a pen in the bundle and removing a couple of notes.

We urge you to share this article and this video so that people would be well aware of this technique used on them to steal their money.

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