Australian Media Compares Virat Kohli With Donald Trump, Amitabh Bachchan Gives A Mouth Shutting Reply

As we have been watching over the past few weeks, tempers have been glaring, words are being exchanged and mocking has become a daily routine. Whilst the Indian media has been targeting Australian skipper, who got away without any punishment after the bizarre incident which took place in Bangalore, Australian media is leaving no stone unturned in trolling Virat Kohli.

Picture Source: BCCI

Both might as well have reasons to criticize the players, but unfortunately, even the medias of the both the countries have crossed the lines on the name of criticism and trolling. Yesterday (21 March 2017), an Australian new paper quoted Virat Kohli as the Donald Trump of the world of cricket and the Indian cricket lovers were agonized with this gesture.

Frankly, that’s way too horrendous to compare Virat Kohli’s aggression to someone who has been taking lunatic calls and disrespecting every other country there is. Yes, players of both sides have been exchanging words on many occasions but that’s all part and parcel of the game.

On that note, what should be said about the Australian side who were getting under the skin of every English player in the Ashes series 2013/14, which Australia won 5-0. There has never been any sort of love loss between the countries and this series is no different, but this kind of stupidity from the Australian media is simply pathetic, derogatory and unacceptable.

The legend of Indian cinemas Amitabh Bachchan gave a befitting reply to shut the mouths of all “Critics” from Australia as he tweeted saying,” Aussie media calls Virat, Donald Trump of sports !! … thank you Aussi media for accepting that he is a winner and the PRESIDENT !!”

Australian legend Michael Clarke, who in the past has been a part of various such banters, extended his support to Virat Kohli and has said that Australian media is trying to tarnish his image.

In an interview with Aaj Tak, Clarke said “Comparing Virat Kohli with Donald Trump – what a load of s*** is that. What Virat did, even Smith would have. Bear in mind, I love Kohli and the Australian public love him. I always somehow find an Australian in him the way he plays and I absolutely love how he accepts challenges. It’s just two or three reporters who are trying to tarnish him but Virat shouldn’t be bothered.”

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