15yr old kid started a business now becomes globally recognized icon at 17

There would be many grieving the scenario of education system in India. Many would be criticising the fact that not even a single Indian university is among top 200 varsities of the world. Some talk it up while others get upset to see the situation. However, the question is- what is our contribution to make India a better place, as far as education is concerned.

India was once really “Vishwa Guru” (Global Teacher) when Takshila University (world’s first university) existed in India where over 10 thousand students flocked to us to attain knowledge here (in 750 BC). If Indians make their efforts, India will once again be an educational hub.

17 year old Amlan Jyoti Khanikar from Moranhat (Assam), has played a significant role in this direction. Amlan has earned the prestige to be the only Indian guy among 40 students from all across the world to be selected to develop business ideas in Boston (USA) under world class leadership. Seeing his success, people in not only North East India but entire India are extremely delighted as he is probably the first and only student from the region to achieve this success.

Apart from this, he is the founder and the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Square Collection- a company which is responsible for garment collection. And now he is working on a new startup- GT Tech- along with a team of IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) students from Guwahati- this technology is supposed to be the backbone for Make-In-India programme initiated by Prime Minister Modi.

His company is said to have been churning out around Rs.5 Lakh of revenue per month. He came into the business 2 years ago- when he was just a 15 year old kid.