At the age of 18, he has filled his room with medals

There would be many grieving the scenario of education system in India. Many would be criticising the fact that not even a single Indian university is among top 200 varsities of the world. Some talk it up while others get upset to see the situation. However, the question is- what is our contribution to make India a better place, as far as education is concerned.


India was once really “Vishwa Guru” (Global Teacher) when Takshila University (world’s first university) existed in India and over 10 thousand students flocked to us to attain knowledge here around 3 thousand years ago (in 750 BC). If Indians make their efforts, India will once again be an educational hub.  This, fortunately, seems to be happening in the 21st century. In this article we will be covering such a story that will consolidate our homes.


Just like any normal child, Subham Shrivastava’s childhood was spent in the fragrance of Bengal. He grew up in the city of Siliguri with his family members. But oracles could read the line on his forehead without difficulties. They could tell that he was among the most brilliant brains in the locality, if not, in the country. For, he attained spectacular feats before turning 18.


When Subham was in the 5th standard in his school, he took everyone by surprise when he came off with flying colours in a quiz contest organized by the HDFC bank. Thereafter, he grabbed many medals in a variety of contests, he emerged winner in several debates- one of the most popular was on international affairs. Furthermore, he was amongst those few who had been selected from all across the globe for Duke University Talent Identification Programme.


When I Asked Subham how parents should take care of their children as far as education is concerned, he said, “Children should not be forced to develop their skill in just one particular area. Because if you draw graphs of some five important skills, and if just one line of the graph slides much higher and the remaining lines remain at the bottom- this doesn’t look good at all. We need to acquire the essential parts of all skills.”


If I go on writing on his achievements, I may end up writing a book. What makes his story quite outstanding is the fact that he won this all and he is still a teenager and he still continues adding feathers to the cap.