Afghan Bhaijan warns Pakistan, appeals PM Modi to destroy Pakistan after Pulwama attack

India paid tribute to our soldiers who lost their lives in the terror attack where at least 44 CRPF personnel were martyred and several others were injured when a Jaish suicide bomber rammed a vehicle carrying over 350 kg of explosives into a CRPF convoy of 70 vehicles in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district, which was considered as the deadliest attack in the last 3 decades.

Top countries like Russia, US, Israel besides neighbouring countries Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives stepped forward to condemn Pulwama terror attack.

Watch the full video below:

The man in the video is popularly known as Afghan Bhaijan. He is known to many funny videos. Now, he warns Pakistan and has appealed PM Modi to destroy Pakistan after Pulwama blast

“I heard the news of Pulwama attack with great sorrow that some Indian soldiers lost their lives. You got pain but I wish god give you all only happiness in your life, and it may be the last pain you ever get,” he added.

The heartbreak, pain and suffering of the families including the loved ones of the jawans can’t just be expressed in words.

“I know how it feels when one loses their beloved ones. I have also gone through such pain when I lost 4 cousins of mine in a terror attacked by Pakistan.

This is not Pakistan, this is Gandastan (land of dirt). Your military, your government and above all your ISI (Inter-Service Intelligence, which is Pakistan’s intelligence agency) which made your country Gandastan.

Last but not least, he added that Afghans will always stand with Indians through and through no matter what may be the situation. “I appeal to the government of India to take immediate action against Pakistan. Never feel alone in this fight, the Afghans always stand with you shoulder to shoulder,” he added.

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