Story Of An MBBS Student Who Drives An Auto To Help Some Poor Patients

Some people might never bow down to any person in the world, but once in every person’s life, he bows down to a doctor just the way many bow down to a god. That’s he kind of stature a doctor has in our country and without a shadow of a doubt, its one of the most chosen professions. But let’s take a look at this anonymous MBBS student from Bangalore, who has been helping various poor patients by riding autos and raising funds for their treatment.

Vineeth Vijayan, a resident of Bangalore was on his way to a hospital in an auto, to meet his friend whose mother was admitted in a hospital. Vineeth, who was suffering from a severe backache, requested the auto driver to drive a bit more slowly to which the auto driver quite politely obliged ” “Yes, Sir!”.

Vineeth was a bit surprised seeing how politely the auto driver replied him considering a fact that most of the auto drivers in the city don’t reciprocate so quietly. To add up to his surprise, Vineeth learned that the auto driver was an MBBS student, who lost his father an year ago and has a brother who is suffering from paralysis. He was the only one in the family who had to take care of his two sisters.


When Vineeth reached the hospital and saw a watchman saying “Namaskar”, both the driver and the watchman smiled at each other. A very anxious Vineeth went upon to ask the watchman who he was and that’s how he got to know about this person.

This story came into limelight when Vineeth wrote a post explaining about this incident on his Facebook status. Though its been two years since this story had happened, it still continues to mesmerize and inspire us to do something good without expecting anything in return.

Here’s what Vineeth Vijayan posted on via Facebook account. (Information Source: Vineeth Vijayan’s Facebook Account)

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