This school boy has become India’s youngest author at the age of 15

At an age when most of the kids spend their time watching cartoons on TV, playing cricket outdoor and posing curious questions to their parents, 15 year old Saanesh Khurana has done something that may bring about a wave of jealousy in most of highly learnt scholars in the country, many great authors may possess a covetous longing to acquire the same skill this boy has already. What he has actually done will leave you stunned too.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an avid reader of books or not, you will, for sure, encourage the boy who has brought out a non-fiction book- “See The Sea With My Eyes” at the age of 15. This clearly illustrates that the very boy must have read a collection of books before 15, which pushed him to gift the book to the world and make the readers see life though a unique prism.  So far the readers have reacted as if they had read a book written by a well-versed scholar. Needless to say, to write a non-fiction book, it requires an ocean of knowledge. And to possess this amount of knowledge, one doesn’t only need a vivacious brain but also lots of time to allow it to sink in.


Saanesh Khurana, a school student of Maxfort Public School with extraordinary vision and writing ability, took everyone, including his teachers and principal, by surprise when published “See The Sea With My Eyes”. He became the youngest author of India to write a non-fiction book and was featured in India Book of Record Holder. His achievement doesn’t end here; his book became best seller under counselling category on Amazon.


What does this book deal with?


The book is a travelogue of one’s life. When I inspected the book, I found out that it was skilfully and prudently written and readers are bound to be glued thereto. It is actually a thought provoking write-up. It has been classified in three parts- Struggle, Straimful and Aimful. Going one step further,  I would say, every sentence is presented in such a way that if a reader goes though, they will experience a living guide who takes them to the utmost goal they have set up in their life. This book is written especially for those who want to find the brightest star in the darkest night.


In the end, I will leave you with a quote I found and liked in his book, “Life is the only thing which can’t be spent according to others’ wishes or their commands; it is you who control yours, so your way is the best way”.


Mrityunjay Chaubey is the editor in chief at The Youth. He hails from Indore. Before The Youth, He worked for Indian Defence News as a columnist and was a reporter at two other sports portals.