This artist can draw anyone’s face in 10 minutes, yet struggles for food

There lies no doubt that our country has no want of talent. We often see talents in every corner- from roadside to congested market places but all this countryside talent is going wasted, for they don’t have the access to showcase their skill to the world. Some reality shows did make an effort to bring the local talent to the glittering light of Bollywood, or for that matter- of any other platform. However their attempt was like a drop of water being taken off a huge reservoir. It doesn’t make a lot of difference even if a few talented individuals are highlighted in this gigantic nation.

Nevertheless, the social media has helped literally everyone to show off what they have. When I was searching for a song, I scrolled down just for fun and came across a video which was uploaded on a youtube channel by the name of “talent hunt”. It was not a song actually but I enjoyed watching it so much that I played it twice. My brain was completely blown away to see how amazing talent is going wasted in India. People with beautiful talent are struggling to get two time meals.

His name is Kalyan Singh from Khanpur Tigdi, although he basically hails from a small village of Ludhiana, named Ballabhgarh. He started doing painting work before 7 years ago. He initially drew faces of people but could not do his job effectively. Unlike other people, failures never disappointed Kalyan ji but boosted his confidence. He was certain that one day he would succeed. He kept on drawing random faces. And finally he realised that he could draw anyone within minutes. Today Kalyan Singh can draw anyone’s face in just 10-15 minutes. This is a magnificent talent itself and yet it is going wasted.

Seeing so many drawings, when the Youtube anchor tried to praise him saying that this is unbelievable that one can draw exact drawing of anyone in just a few minutes, Kalyan gave an innocent smile and said, “this is the love of people that encourages me”.

He further asked  how he gained this amazing talent in him? His reply was again very innocent, he said “by doing practice”. Undoubtedly his brilliant talent is not being utilized and he earns his livelihood on roadsides of Ludhiana.

The best past part of the story is he charges only Rs.150 to draw anyone’s face and the worst part of the story is people still bargain and try to pay even less. If you too want to get your pencil sketch drawn, you can visit Purana Qila (Ludhiana).
Unless we all come out to help such a talent in India, our country can not grow. Since we have a general opinion, after foreign rule in the country for hundreds of years, that Desi products are of inferior quality while foreign products are of superior quality, our own people and their work are not being appreciated.. Such mindset of ours has caused much damage to our economy and poor yet talented artisans are dying of hunger because their work is no longer praiseworthy for us. We need to change this thinking at any cost.

Mrityunjay Chaubey is the editor in chief at The Youth. He hails from Indore. Before The Youth, He worked for Indian Defence News as a columnist and was a reporter at two other sports portals.