We will make Kashmir an Islamic Nation: massive rally organized in Bangladesh

A massive rally was organized in Dhaka, Bangladesh where scores of people shouted ‘Freedom, Freedom’ for a while and then they went on to claim that they will make Kashmir an Islamic country.

In the best interest and support of Kashmir, as many as 5,000 people marked their presence at the rally. The video of people shouting ‘Freedom, Freedom’ and giving bold statements is doing the rounds on social media.

Secularism in India means treating all the religions as ‘equal’. Even the legendary actor Kamal Haasan once told that “You will never find people asking for Muslim Blood or Hindu Blood or Christian blood at a hospital.”

Religion conveys the principles of ‘faith’ and sometimes, the faith may change based on the circumstances. We’ve seen quite a lot of people renouncing their religious teachings only to convert to some other religions, a change that has been happening since the olden days. Only you can change what you believe in and others shouldn’t inspire you to do so.

On the contrary, religious conversion is happening in the nation with people opting to change gods after being brainwashed by a group which encourages people to follow one religious practice alone and not any other religious beliefs.