93 wives leave Khan Sir’s coaching after Jyoti Maurya case, their husbands refuse to support

The mistake of one woman but every woman in the country is suffering now. All of you must be well aware of Jyoti Maurya, today only Jyoti Maurya is in the headlines everywhere in the country. Just one mistake has shocked the entire nation, or rather one can say that the fear of that mistake has entered the hearts of every individual, afraid that the same might happen to them.  And because of this fear, In Patna, the husbands of 93 women called them back from the coaching center and stopped their studies midway.

According to the video by News 18, the husbands of 93 women from Patna’s Khan Sir Coaching Center stopped their education midway. Because somewhere or the other Jyoti Maurya’s case has affected all of them. Both Jyoti Maurya and Alok made various allegations against each other. they don’t want to suffer all these as Alok Maurya suffered. But did it go right with all these women? Why do all these women have to suffer because of Jyoti Maurya’s mistake?

According to the report of News 18 Debate & Interview, people have different opinions on this matter. Some people consider it right, while some are against it because it is truly wrong happening with all these women. Everyone has some dreams of their own, to achieve a position of pursuing education, to make their families proud. But it is not fair for them to suffer without any fault of their own because not everyone is the same.

In this matter, some women of Patna have been asked how they will justify it. however, all women are considered wrong, this should not have happened to all of them.

One woman says it is wrong in her opinion because no one is the same. My daughter is also studying, should we leave her studies too?

Another woman says if someone has the desire to study, they should be allowed to study. It is extremely wrong to interrupt everyone’s education because of one person.

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