Meet national shooter Tara Shahdeo who married Ranjit Kohli who turned out to be Raqibut Hasan

A national shooter named Tara Shahdeo got married to Ranjit Kohli to fulfill her dreams, but this marriage became a big confusing affair in her life. National level shooter Tara Shahdev has become a victim of love jihad. Tara Shahdev had accused her husband Rakibul Hasan of harassing her for refusing to convert.

Tara Shahdeo married a man named Ranjeet Kohli in 2014, but later she discovered that her husband had hidden his religious identity and that he was actually Rakibul Hasan who had claimed to be Ranjeet Kohli. After that Rakibul Hasan, his mother Khushar and Mustaq Ahmed, who worked as vigilance registrar, pressured him to convert.

He was even beaten and tortured but he refused to change his religion. Later, he is rescued and admitted to the hospital. And, then, he decided to fight a legal battle. Tara Shahdev fought her battle bravely for 9 years.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court in Ranchi on Thursday sentenced national shooter Ranjit Kohli alias Rakibul Hasan, found guilty of pressurizing his wife to convert to religion. The sentencing comes six years after the central agency filed a chargesheet on the complaint lodged by Tara Shahdev. While Rakibul was sentenced to life imprisonment, his mother Kausar Rani was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. The then Registrar of the High Court, Mustaq Ahmed, accused of conspiring, has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

“I want to thank the court and the CBI for giving me justice. This justice is not just for me, every daughter of the country will get the confidence that whoever does this to them will be punished”, Shahdev told ANI after the verdict. “Individuals who exhibit such conduct may harbor underlying anxieties regarding not being treated equally. When my conflict began, it was initially categorized as a case of domestic violence.” But I tried to ensure that this did not happen to any girl. People used to hesitate in saying that word. After this decision, they will come out openly against it”, he said.

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