These 6 mobile apps will pay you if you walk everyday, check it out

Earn Cash by Walking with These 6 Free Apps that Reward You for Your Steps.

1. Limpo: Take a stroll and stand a chance to snag amazing prizes like Amazon gift cards and various other items. By accomplishing daily tasks, you’ll accumulate LYM coins that can be redeemed for sports equipment directly within the application. It’s almost as if you’re turning your steps into cash. Participate in fresh challenges each day, monitor your walking progress, and earn rewards once you finish your assignments. Share your accomplishments and have the opportunity to select awesome products at no cost.

2. FitPotato: Utilizing the FIT Potato app, you have the opportunity to commence monitoring your exercise routines and dietary intake, assessing your progress, and attaining your fitness objectives, all with the support of your dedicated Personal Coach available at your convenience. And here’s the exciting part – you can earn fantastic rewards by engaging in walking and workouts through FitPotato. Every week, FitPotato offers a chance to win a share of a $1,000 cash prize pool.

3. SweatCoin: SweatCoins represent a form of digital currency, much like Bitcoin, that you accumulate by engaging in walking or running activities. An app installed on your smartphone monitors your outdoor steps throughout the day and grants you approximately 1 SWC (1 Sweatcoin) for every 1,000 steps you complete.

4. Runtopio: The Runtopia GPS tracker serves as a versatile running companion, catering to both marathon training and treadmill workouts. This app functions as your comprehensive tool for monitoring mileage, pace, calories burned, and heart rate. It diligently logs various activities such as running, jogging, and cardio workouts, allowing you to earn rewards like products, complimentary memberships, valuable coupons, and even PayPal cash.

5. PK Rewards: PK Rewards offers compensation for more than just walking; it rewards you for any form of physical activity and exercise. In essence, as long as you’re active, you can accumulate earnings through PK Rewards. Just launch the PK Rewards mobile app and select ‘Start Earning.’ After you’ve finished your workout or exercise, simply conclude the session in the app, and they will calculate your duration and exertion. The greater your effort, the more coins you’ll accrue. Subsequently, you can exchange these coins for rewards from renowned brands such as Nike, Amazon, and many others.

6. LifeCoin: To supplement your income, simply install the LifeCoin app and begin your outdoor walking journey. LifeCoins can be accumulated by taking steps outside, as indoor ones are not eligible. You’ll receive one LifeCoin for every 1,000 steps you complete. LifeCoins function as digital currencies similar to SweatCoins.

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