After taking Loan from Dhani App, man commits suicide

When we learn about the heartbreaking news involving a family, it deeply affects us and prompts us to question the reasons behind such a sorrowful occurrence. A recent case occurred in the village of Bairasia in Bhopal, where a young man committed suicide. It was revealed one and a half months later that he had been harassed by cybercriminals and took his own life. Before his suicide, the young man had made a video in which he mentioned being cheated of 1.93 lakh rupees through the ‘Dhani App‘.

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24-year-old Dev Narayan Vishwakarma, resident of Barkheda Varad village of Bairasia, had hanged himself. According to the video, Narayan Vishwakarma said, “I am Dev Narayan Vishwakarma. I was transferred Rs 1.93 thousand by these Dhani App people from me. The loan was passed for Rs 3 lakh. Now the company people do not reply. The amount I have given has been transferred to me. All the proofs are in my WhatsApp. Proof of transfer of money will also be found in the phone history. I am dying. File a case against these people. Arrest them. Please take action against these people after my death. “

Dev Narayan’s father Phool Singh Vishwakarma has made serious allegations against the police and said, “No police officer is investigating the case properly. It has been more than a month but the police have not been able to trace the accused yet.” Many police personnel is asking to withdraw the report.”

He further said that both he and his elder son Dev Narayan were farmers. He is very poor and barely manages his household expenses through farming. Dev Narayan was married in 2022 and has an 8-month-old daughter. After marriage, With the added responsibilities of a family, Dev Narayan decided to explore new opportunities. He contemplated taking out a loan and venturing into a business alongside their farming activities within the village. To facilitate this endeavor, he turned to the Dhani App for assistance.

The accused had even sent a fake I-card and Aadhaar card to Dev Narayan to take him into confidence. He was informed that once the loan was approved, his funds would also be reimbursed. However, after receiving Rs 1.93 lakh, the accused ceased responding to his messages. Stopped picking up his calls. Several days later, the numbers used by the accused to access WhatsApp were also switched off. The son started feeling stressed. He never told us about the fraud before he died.

SI Dilip Jaiswal, in-charge of Bairasia police station, said that the matter is still pending. The investigation is being conducted keeping all the facts in mind. The help of cyber police is also being taken.

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