Khan Sir, check out how much he earns per month, and how much wealth he has?

Khan Sir of Patna is a renowned YouTube teacher with the channel “Khan Genius Research Center,” started in April 2019, now boasts 20 million subscribers. He also has the “Khan Global Studies” app on Google Play and Apple Store. Apart from this, he also has a coaching centre in Patna by the name of Khan Genius Research Centre. What is Khan sir’s net worth? What is Khan sir’s real name? You may have many such questions in your mind, the answers to which you will find in this article.

Khan Sir primarily generates his income through YouTube and mobile applications. Khan sir’s net worth is estimated to be around Rs 5 crore. It has been learned that according to the net worth of Khan sir, his monthly income is between Rs 10 to 15 lakh. More than 350 free videos are available on Khan sir’s app, which has over 5 million downloads. Khan Sir is at eighth rank on the trading page among all the big entertainment channels. If we talk about his car collection, he has a Toyota Fortuner car which is worth ₹ 45 lakh.

Khan Sahab, whose real name is Faisal Khan, gained fame during the lockdown on YouTube. Children like his teaching of current affairs and general studies topics in a fun and interesting Bihari style. He explains the topics so well that everyone goes crazy about him. Initially, his coaching was limited to 1 to 2 rooms but seeing his teaching style, the number of people kept increasing.

That is why Khan Sir started his coaching centre on a big scale in which he could teach at least 2000 children at a time. But his style of teaching was so good that the children who did not have a place to sit used to listen to his lectures even while standing. Seeing the continuous increase in the number of students, he felt that it would be difficult to teach like this. That’s why he started teaching online. Due to this, he teaches in Patna itself but due to online classes, students from every corner of the country are not able to miss his classes.

Khan sir was born in 1992 in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. His father was an Indian Army officer and Khan sir’s elder brother is also a commando in the army. Khan Sir completed his studies at Parmar Mission School and his dream was to become a soldier. He was preparing to appear in NDA, but could not pass the medical examination.

He could not be selected due to some characteristics of his hand. But his family convinced him that despite not being in the army, he could serve the country. With this purpose, Khan Sir has only one goal to serve and help the needy. After this, Khan Sir made a goal to provide affordable and good education to the people so that they could easily study and move forward.

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