YouTuber Arman Malik claimed to be Hindu but he gave his kids Arabic Names

Armaan Malik, who has gained significant popularity recently, is widely recognized for his involvement in two marriages. Payal Malik and Kritik Malik, Armaan Malik’s first and second wives respectively, both adhere to the Hindu faith and happily coexist under one roof.

Recently both the wives of Armaan Malik have given birth to children. The entire Malik family is overjoyed to welcome triplets in a single month. But despite having a Hindu wife, Armaan Malik has named his three children in the Muslim religion instead of Hinduism. Because of this, he is being trolled a lot on social media today.

Payal Malik, Armaan Malik’s first wife, gave birth to twins, whose names are Ayaan and Tuba respectively. Armaan’s second wife, Kritika Malik, also celebrated the birth of their baby boy, Zaid. 

The three kids were joyfully welcomed into the Malik family, but because Armaan Malik named his three kids after the Muslim faith, their followers have been mocking them online. some followers have expressed their opinions, raising questions about the children’s names. Why did Armaan Malik and his wives give Muslim names if they are Hindus? and some request that the family reconsider the names and choose ones that align with Hindu traditions.

Kritika Malik, the second wife of Armaan Malik, recently addressed her followers in her latest vlog response. Expressing her frustration, she clarified that the names chosen for their children had nothing to do with religious affiliations but were simply names that Armaan admired. She further says, whatever the name, all are good and hold equal value whether it is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or Christian. The names that Armaan ji has given and he has a different idea behind these names. But seeing the demand of followers, Armaan has changed his kids’ names.

Payal Malik has revealed the new names of kids in his vlog. Payal suggests that Zaid’s name is derived from the letter ‘P’, so she is going to name him Parth, but Armaan says that Zaid will be named Prithvi. The name of their daughter Tuba is derived from the letter ‘K’ hence she is named Kiara.

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