Muslim shopkeeper uses fake Aadhar Card to lure girls, Hindu leaders catch him red handed

Surat: A shocking video has been seen from Surat which is going viral on social media. A Muslim youth was running a textile shop hiding his identity in Surat’s Awadh Textile Market. He used to call himself a Hindu, he had told his name as Arun Singh. No one knew his real identity, not even the employees working at his shop and not even the other shopkeeper neighbours of his shop.

According to the video, some Hindu leaders came to know that he is a Muslim and not a Hindu, then entered his shop. They start investigating him, in which it was found that his real name is Ojiyar Khan and he has also created a Fake ID in the name of Arun Singh. He had revealed his identity to all the people around by the name of Arun Singh. And one more claim is that Ojiyar was running this shop in his employee’s name.

According to the information, a girl named Divya used to work in the Ojiyar shop, it is learned that he used to drop Divya to her society which was captured in the CCTV footage of the society. Divya was also unaware of his real identity. Ojiyar also had his name written as Arun Singh on the visiting cards. Doing business by hiding your real identity is considered a big crime. From the video, we only have this information.

This video has been shared by Sunanda Roy from her Twitter account. More than 1 lakh people have viewed it so far. And to make everyone aware of this type of incident, more than a thousand users have shared it with others.

After watching this video, different reactions have been seen, in which many people are telling it is a new way of love jihad and advising to be careful. And some people are also making fun of the fact that if this shop is running in the name of his employee, then he should be thrown out, and that employee should be given business.

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