Now invite foreigners to your wedding Ceremony for free, check out the process

The Wedding Day is a very special occasion for everyone and it can make this special day more interesting and exciting. If you want to invite foreigners to your and your friend’s wedding, that too for free? it may sound fake and raise various questions about how it could be possible.

But one such video is being circulated on social media which is claiming that this can happen. You can invite foreigners to your wedding from any country like Russia, London, and America free of cost, and they will give you lakhs of rupees. Are you all excited to find out how this can be accomplished?

This video has been shared by Shivam Malik from his Facebook post, in which he is claiming that foreigners can be invited to your wedding for free. Along with this, He also explains the process of how it can be possible.  According to the video, Shivam is talking about a website called “JOINMYWEDDING”. Using this website, you can call foreigners very easily.

According to the video, this website works by selling tickets for your wedding according to your desired price. For foreigners, it will be like an adventure because such experiences are not common in foreign countries, and they are interested to see it. Because the culture, traditions, food, and music of our country, are different from all other countries. Wedding in our country is celebrated with great celebration and different customs or traditions and it is believed that foreigners are interested to see all of them.

It is very interesting. Now this is a very good idea to make your wedding occasion more enjoyable and memorable, you can invite foreigners in an easy way. Some people try to find other ways to invite foreigners to their weddings, but it often becomes challenging. However, through this website, it has become much easier. Through the information of this video, we have got only limited information, if anyone decides to use this website, it is advisable to conduct thorough research and verify its credibility before proceeding.

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