Venkatesh Prasad silences Javed Miandad’s mouth with an epic reply on Twitter

The forthcoming edition of the Asia Cup 2023 tournament is slated to be held in Pakistan in September. Since it is going to be held in Pakistan, the BCCI already expressed the fact that they are not at all willing to fly to Pakistan for the Asia Cup tournament.

BCCI Secretary by the name of Jay Shah confirmed it in the meeting recently. For the record, Jay Shah is also the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) President. Meanwhile, former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad was totally unimpressed by India’s Asia Cup stance.

He told India to go to hell if they are not coming to play cricket in Pakistan. “India can go to hell if they don’t want to come to Pakistan to play cricket (Maine toh pehle bhi kaha tha agar nahi aana to bhaad mein jaaye. Humein koi farak nahi padta),” Miandad stated at a public event.

“I’ve always backed Pakistan. And you know that I don’t leave spare India whenever an issue arises. But the thing is we need to look at our part. And we should fight for it. We don’t care because we are getting to host our cricket. This is ICC’s job.

If ICC can’t control this there’s no use of the governing body. They need to implement similar rules for every team. If teams like these don’t come, they should be debarred. (India hoga, apne liye hoga. Hamare liye nahi hai),” he added.

Venkatesh Prasad silences Javed Miandad's mouth with an epic reply on Twitter

Venkatesh Prasad silences Javed Miandad’s mouth with an epic reply

Meanwhile, former Indian fast bowler gave a mouth-shutting reply to Javed Miandad. In response to a news article in Miandad’s statement on BCCI, Prasad took to Twitter to give a fiery reply. His reply reads, “But they are refusing to go to hell.”

After Miandad’s remarks went viral, he clarified the statement by saying, “”Do you know what hell means? If you don’t want to play just don’t. We don’t have a problem. Ask the Indian cricketers. They’ll also say that there should be cricket between these two teams in their respective countries. It’ll benefit both nations,” Miandad said in his YouTube video.

“If they think that their (India) not coming to Pakistan makes any difference, let me tell you that it doesn’t. That’s what I meant. We are independent. Pakistan has produced world-class cricketers as well as hockey players. Everywhere around the world, neighbouring countries are playing with each other.”