Pakistan cricketer spews venon against Hindus and Baniyas on National TV

Pakistan’s famous cricketer Sohail Tanvir is hearing a lot of criticism on social media today. Actually, one such interview video of Sohail Tanvir has gone viral which is creating anger among the people. Sohail Tanvir is calling the Hindus and Baniyas of India as having ‘low level mentality’.

Sohail Tanvir has been a part of the Indian team in IPL matches. In 2008, Sohail Tanvir was invited by the IPL organizers for which he was paid $100,000. But perhaps Sohail forgot all this or perhaps he did not like the fact that he was calling Hindus as having ‘low level mentality’. But now Sohail is hearing harsh words from people, perhaps he is liking it more.

A viral 23-second video circulating on Twitter features a conversation involving Pakistani cricketer Sohail Tanvir and some journalists, originally aired on the ATV Live channel and shared by the ‘Pakistan Untold’ account. In the video, Sohail Tanvir references his training period and makes derogatory remarks about Hindus, specifically using the term “Baniyas” to label them as traitors. He mentions, “This incident occurred during my training… I only learned about it later from the media,” followed by a statement implying a negative generalization about the Hindu community: “But what can happen now that the nature of Hindus is like this… that’s it. He did whatever he could.” On this, the female anchor says – “Yes, he does it well – knife in the armpit, Ram Ram on tongue.” Whereas, a journalist tells Tanvir – knife in the armpit, Ram Ram on tongue… this is what Hindu Baniya is all about. You were not aware of this before? And the video ends there.

Sohail Tanvir, a renowned 38-year-old Pakistani cricketer known for his fast bowling skills, officially announced his retirement from international cricket on March 6th of this year. He took to Twitter to share this news, stating, “I am announcing my retirement from all forms of international cricket. Nonetheless, I will continue to actively participate in domestic and franchise cricket. I want to express my gratitude to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for the opportunity to represent my country in cricket.” After retirement, Tanveer has now come into the news for his abusive language against Hindus. However, the date of the video in which he described ‘the mentality of Hindus as low’ has not been revealed. But people are now criticizing him for what he said.

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