Husband found wife in affairs with her friend, she files fake cases against him

In India, despite all the legal rights given to women, many women are seen misusing it. Recently, a case has come to light where the wife has filed a case against her husband by making many false allegations for not accepting her mistake. The husband, upset with everything, raised his voice; and a video clip is going viral on social media.

In the video, the troubled man says, ‘I had a love marriage in 2012, I have a son but I have been yearning to see a glimpse of him for 7 years. My wife was having an affair with one of her colleagues. This was in 2017, when I came to know about this, I objected that all this was wrong, we have a child and a family too. Hearing all this, she took the child to her home.

Further in the video, ‘Whenever I go home to meet the child, she consistently bars me from seeing him. There were orders from the court that the child would stay with the father on weekends, but still, she never allowed me to meet the child. When I went to meet my son at school, he insisted on going out with me, so I took him along. Meanwhile, they lodged an FIR against me that the father had kidnapped the son. This matter is now entangled in legal proceedings, although guardianship rights should not equate to charges of kidnapping. And thus, the video concludes.”

This is a terrible situation for anyone. Suddenly, people he had loved and trusted filed unfounded cases against him. Due to this rift, the husband not only experienced the deep pain of losing his wife and son but is now also fighting for justice. The man in the video is extremely sad and the t-shirt he is wearing has a lovely picture of him and his son.

The video has been shared on Instagram and has received almost 3 million views and 4 million likes so far. After watching the video, users expressed their sadness towards the distressed man, and many reactions were also seen.

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