Indian Army builds a new Safety System that will disable any attempts at Drunk and Driving

If you think our Jawans only stand on the border and fight the enemies, think twice. Indian Army has been dominating in sports and other activities. However, we hardly notice other jobs done by them. When a cricketer hits a six or claims a wicket, we jump high in excitement and update status on social media for likes and make memes on them.

Well, there is a subtle difference between playing for the nation and dying to protect the nation. Cricketers do the former and soldiers the latter. When soldiers give absolutely everything to protect us like a shield, they deserve our praise. Let’s pay due respect to the soldiers who live and die for the nation.

Apart from war and fight, our jawans represented India with tonnes of pride at the Olympics, with many of them winning countless medals for the nation in various sports like shooting, rowing, marathon, swimming and wrestling etc. They participate in commonwealth games and clinch medals. If anything happens to the nation, the soldiers are the ones who deal with it. They do almost everything to keep our heads high.

Case in point, drunken driving is one of the main causes of accidents across the world. Though there have been several awareness drives, there hasn’t been any change. Now, technology has been brought in to curb the practice of drunk and drive, especially within the Indian Army.

Credits: ANI

Captain Onkar Kale of the Indian Army and his team built a safety system for the Indian Army trucks that will disable any attempts at drunk driving in these vehicles. The Integrated Vehicle Safety System will not let any driver start these trucks if the driver has consumed alcohol or even if the driver is not wearing a seat belt.

The actual purpose of the creation of such a system is to discourage driving under influence of alcohol and to avoid road accidents in the force. A recent tweet by news agency ANI shows two officers from the team showing the use of the newly developed technology. If found to be a viable solution, this can be a great step to prevent the practice of drink and drive.

Such type of devices are quite commonly used in many countries. It is known as Ignition Interlocks and it is used in the US, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, New Zealand and some other countries.