Indian feminist girl changes clothes in an open shop, citizens slam her for being shameless

A recent incident has stirred up public outrage after a video surfaced showing a girl openly changing clothes while standing at an open shop. The video went viral, prompting widespread condemnation of the woman’s actions as shameful. Many criticized her perceived lack of modesty and independence.

The viral video has been shared by Sunanda Roy on Twitter. In the video, the young woman is standing inside a store, looking at clothes, and changing in an open shop. There is also a young man present inside the shop who is standing right in front of the girl and he is collecting the clothes and arranging them. Another person is capturing this video from outside the shop.

This action is quite shameful, the children of today’s generation have developed a different mindset regarding freedom and equality. The video has received more than 4 million views and more than 15 thousand likes. After watching the video, users have strongly condemned the girl’s action, considering it highly condemnable. Expressing their views, users have also shared many types of reactions.

Calling it scripted, a user writes, ‘Arey this is a stunt for publicity. Last night I visited their account. They post nudity on it. They did it to gain followers. She posts her nude videos and pics. Don’t get carried away.

Another user writes, ‘Nothing is shameless here! Watching porn that’s not shameless but this is, how’.

Another user writes, ‘It’s common for different generations to have differing perspectives on various issues, and sometimes this can lead to disagreements or feelings of frustration.’

Another user writes, ‘Even the shopkeeper is not able to raise his face due to shyness. The reason is the shamelessness of the woman. Being modern does not mean that you have to perform.

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