Muslim members issue death threats to this girl, but police refused to help her

Recently a video is being circulating on social media which claims that a Muslim man and his family are harassing a Hindu girl and torturing her. The victim went to the police station to register an FIR in this case, but no one listens to her, rather she is thrown out of the police station. The victim shared the details about the matter through video and is pleading for help. but she has not received justice despite repeated efforts.

The incident took place in the Bhagwanpur area of Haridwar. The complete information about this case has not yet been received regarding why the accused is harassing this Hindu girl. According to the video, only this information has been received, that some Muslim individuals comes to her house and physically assault her, and threaten to kill her and the Muslim wife also torture the victim.

The victim lives in her brother’s house as stated in the video, when the victim’s brother learns about the incident, he along with his sister goes to the accused house to talk to him and resolve the matter. However, the Muslim man and his associates overpower both the brother and sister and assault the brother.

The victim informs the police about this case and requests to register an FIR, but no one helps her and neither does an FIR be registered. Apparently, the Muslim man bribes the police officers, which prevents anyone from listening to the victim’s pleas.

Now, she is seeking help through the video. This video has been published from a Twitter account named Trunicle. After watching the video, people have expressed various reactions, with many influencing others also to support the victim and calling for action against the accused.

And some other users are against police officers because what has happened to this victim will give more courage to the culprit and they will not hold themselves back from doing such acts again, they will continue to execute such incidents without any fear.

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