Muslim girl Shabnam marries Hindu boy inside police station while her father watched

Uttar Pradesh: A shocking case has come to light from Auraiya in Uttar Pradesh, the video of which is going viral on social media. Muslim community girl Shabnam married Hindu community boy Nitin in the temple built in the police station premises. During this time, the girl’s father kept opposing the marriage and pleading in the police station. But the police had no idea about this marriage. Simultaneously, the victim’s father has held the blame on the police for this situation.

The situation pertains to the area of Sanjay Nagar in the town of Dibiyapur. Shabnam and Nitin, who live here, were in love with each other for many years. Both wanted to get married. However, due to the lack of unity in the community, the girl’s family was against this marriage. Shabnam and Nitin defied their family’s decision and chose to marry each other.

Shabnam’s father was against this marriage. In the viral video, it can be seen that Shabnam’s father is refusing to marry his daughter, but Shabnam forcefully frees her hand and gets married. Shabnam’s father works as a security guard. Her father did not want his daughter to marry a boy from another community. But Shabnam was also adamant to marry her lover Nitin. She knew that Indian law gives the daughter the right to marry as per her wish. Shabnam reached the police station with her lover and informed them that she was an adult and was getting married of her own free will.

When the police investigated, it was found that this was true. Shabnam and her lover Nitin, both are adults, 18 plus, after this the police did not ask any questions from either of them. Soon after, Shabnam and Nitin got married in the temple built in the police station itself. Meanwhile, a crowd gathered in the temple. Shabnam’s father also came and started pulling Shabnam’s hand to stop the marriage. All the people nearby started recording videos on their phones. But Shabnam forcefully released her hand fulfilled the rituals of her marriage and married her lover Nitin.

Superintendent of Police Charu Nigam confirmed that a couple, both of legal age, visited the police station. Despite objections from the Shabnam family and a potential fake case against her lover, they married in the station’s temple with Pandit’s assistance. The couple now seeks protection, warning that action will follow if more complaints arise.

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