PUBG winners will get 15 Lakh, Link your PUBG account with Aadhar card: Modi

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), an addictive game that has followed the youths around like a dark shadow and when they figured it out how to play it on their smartphones, they got massively addicted to it and even today, PUBG is the most popular game among all age groups in India since its inception in March 2018.

The gamers are trapped in the fantasy world as they are playing it with utmost satisfaction. Earlier, people used to swipe their screens by playing Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfers and Railrush but now, screams of PUBG, PUBG can be heard everywhere all across the nation and this is a fact.

Credits: IGN

Well, PM Narendra Modi has some good news for PUBG gamers today. He has promised to credit Rs 15 lakh to PUBG winners. You don’t have to a hard-core PUBG winner to bag this massive amount. All you have to do is frame a team. Select Erangel or Sanhok map location and then start playing. Make sure to survive till the last to get ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ and once you win the match, link your PUBG account with Aadhar card in the settings menu.

One of the PUBG winners, named Deepak Sinha claimed that he received 15 lakhs to his bank account after he linked his PUBG account with Aadhar Card. Extremely delighted by this, he said, “I’m the happiest man right now. I really don’t know how I got this much amount from the Prime Minister. Also, I’m not a PUBG fan. But after Modi’s announcement, I gave a shot and luckily I won a jackpot. I am also happy for all the PUBG winners out there.”

When asked about what will you do about the money, he said, “I would like to buy land, car, bike, jewels for my mother.”

Another winner identified as Guru said that he received 15,000 rupees instead of 15 lakhs. He is absolutely confused as to why he received a minimal amount when a bigger amount was promised in the first place. After contacting the customer care of the government of India, he learnt that the remaining amount will be credited within 24 hours.

He said, “I too won a game with ease. In fact, I got the most kills in the game. I deserved 15 lakhs but unfortunately, I got just 15,000 rupees. I was disappointed after seeing the bank balance. However, after contacting customer care, they told me that they would credit the remaining amount within 24 hours.”

As PM Modi cares for the people and the nation, he has always told the citizens of India to link Aadhar card with bank accounts. But not many people did it. However, after PUBG announcement, almost 90% of the population across the nation downloaded PUBG game from Google play store only to play this game and to seal a win.

Now, the winners are waiting for the money which is to be received into their bank accounts.

Disclaimer: Hang on! The article you read above was a piece of ‘April Fool’ from The Youth team. Prime Minister Modi hasn’t made any such promises. The only purpose of the article is to bring a smile on your face. So Sorry!