Cricket and Betting: How Did the Two Evolve Together?

As a sport beloved by people all around the world, cricket is something that people of all ages look forward to. Indians comprise an overwhelming majority of the viewers of the sport, thus attracting betting opportunities both online and offline.

The variety of betting markets, as well as the options that people have for betting, have grown a lot. For the younger crowd who are more attuned to the internet, crypto betting sites of 2022 have provided a way to use blockchain tech to place their bets. 

Given how profitable this has become for operators, there will definitely be more developments in the future for cricket and betting enthusiasts. But where do the roots of cricket and betting begin?

How Did Betting on Cricket Begin?

Depending on what you read and whom you ask, you’ll get different answers on when the sport cricket was invented. Some believe it can be traced back up to the 13th century when country boys in England played it to pass the time. Meanwhile, others would say that it wasn’t until the 16th century that it was invented.

Although there are many speculations on the origins of cricket. In England, some believe it used to be an extremely popular gambling game, with bettors placing as much as 50 guineas per game.

These practices were brought to India, where the sport is now even more popular than it is in its country of origin. Today, 9 in 10 Indians watch cricket compared to less than 2 out of 10 in the United Kingdom.

Can You Legally Bet Online on Cricket Games in India?

Enthusiasts who want to bet on their favourite cricket matchups will be able to do online, easily. Even though there are existing regulations in the gambling industry today, apparently none of them currently applies to online betting.

However, the situation is actually fairly complicated because:

  1. Sports betting is in legal limbo. There are two kinds of betting in India: skills-based and chance-based. Only the former is legally allowed, but there’s no resolution yet on where cricket falls.
  2. India left the regulation to the provinces. And so far, only Sikkim has legally permitted it.

The existing laws don’t formally disallow online sports betting. That’s the only reason it’s allowed right now. But if the law ever catches up, things may change.

Why Is Cricket Betting Online So Popular in the Country Today?

Betting began even before written history; solid proof of people’s predisposition to gambling. Therefore, it only makes sense, considering that it’s the most-watched sport in India.

In a sense, cricket betting is a way to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak. People in the country are heavily invested in the games, and betting often becomes a way to invest financially in the sport as an entertainment option.

The Future of Cricket and Betting

The internet has made the world borderless, allowing bettors in the country to access sites operated all over the world. As many more try to enter the Indian betting market, the options where you can bet on cricket online will surely expand as well.

For you and all other cricket enthusiasts, this may be a huge win. Betting sites are offering better odds and bonuses to make your experience more enjoyable.

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