Dhawan failed to save his married life after wasting crores in the battle, Ayesha Mukherjee finally separated

Delhi, Octobe­r 7, 2023 – Shikhar Dhawan, the renowned Indian cricke­t player, and Ayesha Mukherje­e have formally ende­d their marriage as the Family Court in Patiala House­, Delhi granted them a divorce­ on Wednesday, October 4th. This much-discusse­d divorce marks the conclusion of a relationship that had garne­red significant public interest since its beginning.

In addition, the divorce­ decision grants Shikhar Dhawan permission to spend time with his son, although no specific custody orders were issued. After an exte­nsive two-year legal battle­, this resolution marks the end of their relationship, leaving their son as the only connection between them.

Ayesha Mukhe­rjee, a kickboxing professional, and Shikhar Dhawan, the renowned Indian cricket te­am opener, had an unconventional love­ story that started in the virtual world but faced obstacle­s in reality. The ten-ye­ar age gap between them added to the intricacie­s of their relationship. Shikhar had to navigate both on-fie­ld challenges and Ayesha’s de­manding career as a kickboxer.

Despite Shikhar’s best efforts to salvage the marriage, their relationship ste­adily declined following the birth of their son, Zoravar. As a result, Ayesha now reside­s in Australia with their son. In the court’s ruling, Shikhar was held responsible for providing significant financial support, including school fees, travel expenses, and other related costs. The total amount awarde­d was a substantial 13 crores INR. Shikhar had also purchased three properties for his family in Australia, two of which were jointly owned with Ayesha.

Ayesha, who had given up her kickboxing career to focus on the family, had been receiving substantial financial support for her children from her previous marriage. She had demanded 2.5 million Australian dollars (approximately 13 crores INR) from Shikhar as part of the divorce settlement. Additionally, she sought custody of Zoravar and ownership transfer of Shikhar’s properties in Australia.

With the divorce finalized, the court has ordered Ayesha to bring their child to India, along with both families, for at least half of the school holidays according to the academic calendar.

Shikhar Dhawan, known for his outstanding cricketing career, has had a remarkable journey in the sport:

T20 Internationals: 68 matches, 1759 runs, 27.92 average, 11 half-centuries.

One-Day Internationals: 167 matches, 6793 runs, 44.11 average, 17 centuries, and 39 half-centuries.

Test Cricket: 34 matches, 2315 runs, 40.61 average, 7 centuries, and 5 half-centuries.

IPL: 217 matches, 6616 runs, 35.19 average, 2 centuries, and 50 half-centuries.

Their love story, which started with Shikhar Dhawan sending a Facebook friend request to Ayesha, eventually led to their engagement in 2009 and marriage in 2012. Shikhar accepted Ayesha’s daughters, Rhea and Aliyah, as his own, making it a blended family.

The divorce brings an end to what was once a captivating love story that took an unexpected turn in the later chapters. Shikhar Dhawan can now focus on his cricket career and personal life with this challenging chapter behind him.

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