Video shows Sikh extremists beating a poor Hindu on cycle, users express their anger on X

The video of the disgusting and humiliating incident is going viral on social media, in which it is shown that a Sikh man openly beats up a poor Hindu on the road. After this incident, users expressed their anger on social media and protested by making the video viral.

This is a very disgusting act. In the viral video, a poor Hindu victim is shown with a bicycle and a setup of a microphone and speaker, giving the impression that he sells goods in the streets and neighborhoods. According to the viral video, a Sikh man removes the microphone and speaker from the poor man’s bicycle and then slaps the helpless victim, saying, “You will buy the hair for free.” And then he forcefully pushes the victim, who falls off his bicycle.

Further in the video, the accused Sikh man can be heard saying, “Sell hair – sell hair”, which suggests that the poor man goes to the streets to buy children. The accused Sikh man then brutally beats the distressed man and says, “Don’t ever show your face here again. You RSS wallahs are polluting this place.” The distressed man, with folded hands, cries and says, “He will never come here again after today.”

This is a very disgusting act that a Sikh man has done. Perhaps ‘buying hair’ could be the only source of income for poor victims. And the Sikh man beat him for that and also threw and broke his speaker and mic. If the accused did not like him coming in that direction, he could have explained it without resorting to any heinous act and violence and could have prevented him from coming in that direction. But instead, he chose to resort to violence.

The reason behind this incident and the complete details of the incident are not available yet, but the tweets issued against it on social media show that people are strongly condemning it and demanding strict action against it. After watching the viral video, different types of reactions are coming out from the people.

A user writes, “What if Sikhs get treated in same manner in other states?”

Another user writes, “If someone beats them after seeing the turban, they will start screaming.”

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