Central govt approves new agency to develop space warfare systems- DSRO

With the ultimate objective of improvising the capabilities of the armed forces to battle epic wars in space, the government, after rounds of discussion in a meeting has approved the establishment of a new agency which will now develop sophisticated weapon systems and technologies for the motive.

“The Cabinet Committee on Security headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has cleared the setting up of this new agency called the Defence Space Research Agency (DSRO) which has been entrusted with the task of creating space warfare weapon systems and technologies,” sources in the Defence Ministry told reporters.

Credits: Deccan Chronicle

The significant decision was taken at the senior-most level by the government some time ago and the agency started get into the grand scheme of thungs under a Joint Secretary-level scientist.

The agency would be provided with an active team of scientists who will get into the groove of working in close coordination with the tri-services integrated defence staff officers.

The agency would also be providing the research and development support to the Defence Space Agency (DSA) containing members of the three services.

The Defence Space Agency has been formed to assist the country fight wars in the space.

In March this year, the country had executed Anti Satellite Test which showed its capability to bring down satellites in space.

With this missile test mission, India has now joined an elite club of four nations with such potential. The test also helped India develop deterrence capability against opponents who may want to assault Indian satellites to damage systems during the time of war.

The Defence Space Agency is being established in Bengaluru under an Air Vice Marshal-rank officer and will slowly take over the space-related capabilities of the three forces.