Mark Zuckerberg congratulated his sister ‘Randi’, here is how Indian boys reacted!

Whenever Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posts something on his account, many people would ensure to comment something on his post. Besides some positive comments, there would be a string of negative comments as well.

Zuckerberg yesterday had posted a congratulatory message to his sister Randi on social media platform, Facebook for having won 2 Tony Awards for her Broadway musicals.

The Indians on the social media platform showed their ugly side by citing that her name is spelt same like a disgusting cuss word.

Credits: Facebook

For some reason, the Indian boys just couldn’t control themselves from laughing about what Randi’s name means in Hindi.

It really was no surprise that most of the comments were made by Indian boys only.

Credits: Facebook

Well, at least very few people spoke up, citing the jokes were in very bad taste.

Credits: Facebook

It doesn’t matter whether it is Indian or not, such infamous remarks should be avoided and using it again will only bring a bad name for all of us Indians online.

It is better we start treating everyone with equality and respect so much so that we should set an example for others to follow suit.