Noida teacher punishes a student in Brutal way, but gets a life-long lesson from higher authorities

A strange incident has come to light in a private school in Noida. The school administration fired a teacher named Sushma due to the opposition of 12 students’ parents because she had cut their children’s hair. This incident occurred on Wednesday at the school located in Sector 168, after which angry parents staged a protest on Thursday.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida), Shakti Mohan Avasthi, informed that the local Expressway Police Station officers reached Shanti International School, considering the seriousness of the matter. The school management and parents of about 12 students discussed the issue. Following this, the school decided to terminate the services of the teacher immediately. Avasthi mentioned that the reason behind the teacher’s action was that she was the disciplinarian in charge of the school and had been asking the students to get their hair cut for several days, but her instructions were not heeded. Therefore, the teacher herself cut their hair to discipline them.

According to Harish Chauhan, the school’s chairman, the teachers were only trying to maintain discipline. “His intention was not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Since she was the ‘discipline in charge’, she shaved the hair of some class 11 and 12 students as a nominal punishment. But the parents didn’t take it well and came to the school in the morning… We have apologized to all of them and terminated (the services of) the teacher,” Chouhan said. He also said that such things will not be repeated. “We are a reputed institute. We take care of the children very well and this will not be repeated,” said the chairman.

When the parents of the children expressed their opposition in this matter, it reached the Expressway Police Station. Discussions about cutting children’s hair in the renowned school are happening everywhere. In this case, Additional DCP (Noida) Shakti Mohan Awasthi told that this incident occurred on 5th July. The police have agreed between both parties. The school management fired the teacher.

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