USA police caught laughing after killing Indian girl student Jhanvi Kandula

In America, Indian-origin girl Jhanvi Kandula was hit by a car, after which she died. There has been an uproar after footage of this accident surfaced. Actually, it was seen in the footage that the police officers were laughing after Jhanvi’s accident. In this case, an investigation has been started against the accused police officers. Meanwhile, the Chancellor of Northeastern University has announced that Indian student Jhanvi Kandula will be awarded a master’s degree posthumously.

It is noteworthy that Jhanvi Kandula, a 23-year-old student of Northeastern University in South Lake Union, died in January while she was walking near Dexter Avenue North and Thomas Street. At this time, a Seattle Police vehicle hit her. At the same time, Kandula’s master’s degree was to be completed in the coming December. In such a situation, the university has planned to award the degree posthumously. Chancellor Kenneth W. Henderson gave this information through a Facebook post.

In the clip, Seattle Police Officers Guild vice president Daniel Auderer can be heard in a call with the guild president saying, “She’s dead” and then laughing and calling Ms. Kandula “a regular person.” He added through bursts of laughter, “Yeah, just write a check. Eleven thousand dollars.” The clip ends with him saying: “She was 26 anyway, her value was limited”, getting her age wrong.

After this footage went viral, anger spread among the people about the policemen. People started running campaigns on social media regarding Jhanvi Kandula. Indian people also protested regarding this incident. After which an inquiry has been instituted against the accused officers.

Initially, Order reported that the officer was driving his car at 50 MPH and was not “out of control.” However, later, a police investigation found that the car was traveling at 74 MPH when it hit Ms Kandula. Multiple blunt-force injuries caused the death, according to the King County Medical Examiner’s Office. Jahnvi Kandula was a student at the Northeastern University campus in South Lake Union and was on track to receive a master’s degree in information systems this December.

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