“I will give 50 lakh rupees if anyone clears hair and beard of Muhd Ali”

Hindu Kranti Dal (HKD) national leader  Shiva Yadav made a controversial statement in response to MajliseAhrareIslam leader Muhammad Ali who is contesting from Kairana, Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Shiva Yadav allegedly said, “I offer 50 lakh if anyone clears his hair and beard”.



The statement from Hindu Kranti Dal came after Mohammad Ali allegedly said in an election rally at Kairana, “I will give 10 lakh rupees if anyone kills one Yadava”. Maulana Ali openly fumed the religious fire in the election disobeying the Supreme Court order.


This must be noted that even Supreme Court has expressed its disappointments saying elections on the basis of religions, castes etc can’t be fought. However Mr. Ali apparently told that he is above the Supreme Court and doesn’t care what Supreme Court orders.