“People are offering Namaj on the road”- people make this claim, but we have done Fact Check

After the death of a 17-year-old youth named Nahel in France, there was a period of violence for about a week. The situation is now under control, but a video is going viral claiming that it is from France, showing people praying on the road and causing a roadblock. However, the reality of this video is something else.

After the death of a 17-year-old youth named Nahel in France, there was a period of violence for about a week. According to reports, the situation is now under control. However, many social media users are still targeting all Muslims in the aftermath of this incident.

A video of a massive crowd on a street is also being widely shared. It is claimed that this scene is from France, where people from the Muslim community gathered in such a way to offer prayers that the road was blocked. Moreover, there is a growing fear that if India doesn’t remain vigilant, a similar situation to France might arise here as well.

But the story of this video is something else. In reality, this video is from the capital of Russia, Moscow. The people seen in it were offering Eid prayers outside the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. Similar images to the viral video have been published on several websites like “The Moscow Times.” It also features a building with golden domes, which is actually the Moscow Cathedral Mosque.

After the video went viral and was linked to France, social media is witnessing activities of spreading extremist elements. These extremist elements are using this video to incite the general public and increase discontent among religious communities. It is important to do your own identification and verification of such videos and information so that elements of misinformation do not lead to division and insecurity.

This incident reminds us that videos and information on social media need to be carefully verified. It is our responsibility to know the reality of the content going viral and we should walk responsibly towards the truth. Always proceed with sensitivity and harmony before sharing your verified information so that we all can unite and fight for strategy and unity.

Sweta Dagar is an avid reader and writer. She hails from Bulandshahr (U.P) where she completed her formap education. She loves exploring varieties of topics that shape the public opinion at large. If you have any queries, feel free to contact her at [email protected].