These youths are sacrificing everything to save environment

Assam is one the fewest states in the country where greenery still naturally beautifies the scenic view of the state. But the recent activities seem to be posing a threat to the natural views. After thoroughly polluting the urban settlements, people have started  infiltrating the lavish jungle of these states too, which leads to deforestation on a large scale. Trees are being chopped down and concrete jungle is being set up. Thousands of species of trees and animals are on the verge of disappearing. Certainly there arises a question- where are we heading?

Perhaps this unanswered question was the acting force which pushed three persons- Abhijit Dhar, Biswajit Deb and Gobinda Ghatowar- from the city of Dima Hasao (Assam) to confront the ongoing deforestation of their locality. They also founded an NGO- Koshish Society. They initially aimed at planting trees as many as they could, under a moto- save our earth, save our motherland. However they soon realised that it was not enough when it comes to save the entire environment.

What more disturbed the group was that Haflong- the only hill station of Assam was not spared and people had started clearing trees of the region. The hill station is also famous for Jatinga- a place in Haflong where birds arrive and commit suicide deliberately. Why do they willingly end their life? It is still a mystery.
To fight against deforestation, these three souls are doing their level best. They have recently carried out many campaigns in schools, they moved door to door to create awareness about these developments in forests. They are getting good support from the people as well. Now they aim at carrying out this struggle to save the whole country. When TheYouth team contacted them, they showed us several photos of their social works which forced us to write and let the world know about them.
TheYouth appreciates their selfless work. We request the readers to extend their helping hand to them. It is not necessary for you to help them with money, you can help them with your encouraging words. Their contact number is +919435772850