Now you can get hot, spicy fresh food from your favourite restaurants in trains

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, subsidiary of the Indian Railways have come up with a new idea to boost the e-catering service and also to amplify the choice of local or regional cuisine for the passengers. IRCTC said that they have joined hands with delivery service partner TRAPIGO. This means that the railway passengers can have hot, spicy fresh food from their favourite restaurants in trains.

IRCTC said that the new deal has been made official in Nagpur from Friday onwards on a pilot basis with expansion plans in the North-Central regions like New Delhi, Itarsi, Jhansi, Bhopal, etc. The passengers can get neatly packed food with a minimal delivery charge of Rs.15, by ordering through ‘’ website and ‘Food-on-track’ mobile application.

Credits: The Better India

In an official statement, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) said: “In furtherance of the e-catering initiative to rope in more reputed and reliable aggregators in the field of catering and in increasing the choice of local or regional cuisine to the passengers travelling on trains, we have joined hands with delivery service partner TRAPIGO and Shree Mahalakshmi Swayam Sahayata Bachat Ghat (Ratnagiri).”

According to the IRCTC, TRAPIGO, a last mile ‘B2B’ logistics service provider for food products is setup by IIT-IIM and NIFT graduates. “In IRCTC’s mission to ensure reliable delivery of hot and fresh food from the choicest restaurants in the city, TRAPIGO with its own fleet of delivery boys in co-branded uniforms will guarantee the execution.

Orders placed on IRCTC’s e-Catering website or ‘Food-on-track’ app will be delivered by TRAPIGO in neat packaging with co-branded tapes, stickers etc at a nominal fee of Rs 15,” the IRCTC said.

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