Layeek Khan kills a 17yr old Hindu girl with a hammer for rejecting his marriage proposal

In a horrific incident, a young Hindu girl named Neetu was brutally murdered by her friend Layeek Khan aka Safeeq Khan as she refused his marriage proposal. The shocking incident took place on February 19 in Begum Vihar area in Rohini, North West Delhi.

Now, a cousin brother of the deceased has approached the Begum Vihar police, with a complaint against Layeek Khan, accusing him of brutally killing his sister with a hammer and later fleeing, leaving her dead. Based on the complaint, the Delhi police has filed an FIR on February 20 under IPC section 302 (Punishment for murder) and launched a search operation to nab the accused.

The deceased’s cousin Kaushal Kumar wrote in his complaint that his sister and the accused were known to each other. He said that before his uncle shifted to Begum Vihar in Delhi with his two sons and daughter Neetu, a year back, he lived with his family in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh. The accused Layeek Khan was his uncle’s neighbour in Hardoi. He was friends with Neetu for the last few years and often visited her in Delhi. He informed that for the last two-three months, Layeek had been pressurising his sister to marry him but Neetu had been turning down his proposal.

On the day of the incident too, at around 5 in the evening, Layeek had come to visit Neetu in her Begum Vihar home. Kaushal said that even he was present at his uncle’s house at that time and he saw that Layeek was carrying a hammer with himself when he came to meet Neetu. He recounted how around an hour later, Layeek asked him to go to the market to fetch some chicken. He informed Kaushal that he would be eating dinner at their place. Kaushal asked Neetu for her approval and when she gave her assent, Kaushal left for the market. 

At around 7.45 pm when Kaushal returned, he saw Layeek hurriedly locking the main door of the house. He had a hammer in his hand and his clothes were also soiled. Kaushal recounted how he tried to stop and question Layeek, but the latter left hurriedly without replying to Kaushal’s questions. Confused with the sudden development, Kaushal sat outside the house and waited for his sister to return.

After a while, when Neetu’s mother came back, Kaushal narrated the incident to her. He then called up Neetu, but he heard the phone ringing from inside the house. Apprehensive of what had transpired, Kaushal broke open the lock only to find Neetu lying in her room, critically injured in a pool of blood. They rushed her to Sanjay Gandhi hospital, where she was declared brought dead.

Kaushal has alleged that Layeek Khan brutally hacked her sister to death because she had turned down his marriage proposal.

To delve into the case further, OpIndia got in touch with DCP PK Mishra. He confirmed that the accused and the victim knew each other for the last fiver years. After prima facie investigation the police learnt that Layeek was miffed with Neetu’s constant refusal to marry him and that day too when they argued, the accused in a fit of rage, brutally attacked Neetu on her head with a hammer, leaving her critically injured. Layeek Khan then locked up Neetu in her own house and fled. The DCP has, however, ruled out any communal angle in the incident.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.