If you search p*rn videos in Uttar Pradesh, an SMS will be sent to UP police: New state rule

If you are in UP, you better not search porn on Google because from now, the Uttar Pradesh Police will keep an eye on your phone activities.

The UP Police on Saturday came out with a unique idea. The police said that it has hired a company to monitor people’s internet search data. In short, the team would monitor whether people are looking for pornographic content on Google. The measure has been taken to “curb crimes against women”.

ADG Neera Rawat said that “in view of the increasing use of internet”, the powerline 1090 would also reach out to people to prevent crimes against women.

“To study the analytics of the internet, a company named ‘Oomuph’ has been hired, which will keep an eye on what is being searched on the internet through data. If a person sees pornography, the analytics team will get the information,” Rawat said.

Those who search for pornography will receive an alert message and the information will be saved with the police as well. Police will also have a copy of information about the person trying to access porn. The information will be stored in the Police’s database that will be later used to monitor crime cases in particular localities. The move aims to prevent crime against women.

“The internet data will inform 1090 team if a person is searching for porn. The team will then send ‘awareness messages’ to the person. By doing this, the crime will be stopped at the initial process itself. If a woman is still being molested, then 1090 will take action,” he said.

Rawat also said that the test has been successfully conducted in six districts of the state and police got a good response from the public. The new project will soon start functioning across Uttar Pradesh, which currently has about 11.6 million internet users.

The state government and police had invited flak last year over their handling of a murder case in Hathras in which a Dalit girl was allegedly raped by four men and then succumbed to her injuries. The body of the victim had been hurriedly cremated by police in the middle of the night, despite protest by her family members.

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