“Muslim women were involved in killing Rinku Sharma, they wanted to give him a painful death”

In a horrific incident, a Bajrang Dal activist named Rinku Sharma was brutally stabbed to death by a Muslim mob on the night of 10 February. Rinku Sharma, a lab technician who was murdered in a brutal and barbaric manner, which reminds us of the killing of IB officer Ankit Sharma during the Delhi riots.

Sharma’s family members claimed Rinku was killed in cold blood for raising ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogans in Delhi and his mother alleged there were “30 to 40 people with lathi, sticks and knives”.

In a shocking revelation, OpIndia has found that women were also involved in killing Rinku Sharma

The family of the deceased narrated how a mob of over a dozen people, carrying lathis, batons, and knives, broke into their house late on Wednesday and assaulted the family members. They dragged Rinku Sharma out of the house and pinned him down. He was then stabbed mercilessly with a sharp knife in cold blood.

Recounting the horror, Bajrang Dal national social media head Rakesh Pandey confirmed to OpIndia that women were also a part of the frenzied Muslim mob which barged into Rinku Sharma’s house on Wednesday. The mob which included women were laden with batons, sticks, and knives.

After pushing themselves into the house, the mob attacked Rinku Sharma’s family members with sticks and batons, They reportedly even leaked the gas cylinder. Rinku Sharma, meanwhile, tried to escape from there. A few amongst the mob grabbed Rinku and stabbed him with a sharp knife.

Speaking to Sudarshan News, Rinku Sharma’s brother said that the murderers are a group of five Muslim brothers who had barged into their home with other family members and associates, including women and kids. The brother said that the five Muslim brothers had threatened the Sharma family earlier too because of an event organized for the Ram Mandir. The brother explained that the five Muslim brothers and their associates had beaten up other family members too.

Divulging horrifying details, another Bajrang Dal activist told us that the knife with which Rinku Sharma was stabbed, had got stuck in his back. The accused at first tried to take out the knife from his back, probably with an intention to again stab him. They kept frantically twisting the knife to pull it out. When unsuccessful, they mercilessly pushed the sharp knife deeper inside Rinku’s back. They then fled, leaving Rinku gravely injured. Rinku was rushed to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Mangolpuri, where he succumbed to his injuries at 12 noon on Thursday.

Sharma’s mother Radha said, “We have known their family and were friends. But six months ago, there was some fight over money; I don’t know much. I want justice for my child; the accused should be hanged. I am not against the community, only their family.”

Demanding justice for her son, Radha said, “I want police protection for my family and a government job for my other son.”

It has been learnt that Rinku Sharma reportedly once donated his own blood to save the life of the wife of one of the accused.

“We have been having issues with the accused since the last year. In August, we had organised a small event for Ram Mandir. They were angered by this but we ignored them. We have always been good neighbours; Rinku even donated blood to one of their family members when she was pregnant,” said Rinku’s brother Mannu.

The police arrested four of the five accused, identified as Nashruddin, Islam, Mehtab, Jahid and Tajuddin. The fifth person was taken into custody on Friday. Rinku is now survived by his mother Radha Devi, father Ajay Sharma and brothers Ankit and Manu Sharma.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.