Story of Farhan Ullah- differently abled man who cherishes his dreams

“When challenges became storms, a beautiful soul called mother taught me how to cross the stormy sea”, says Farhan Ullah a person with Cerebal Palsy and learning difficulty lives in Bangalore, Karnataka. As his difficulty was diagnosed at the stage of birth his mother nurtured him like any other child, while making his challenge his strength.

He explores activities such as horse riding, painting and attending art based competitions very confidently. Farhan’s upbringing has been completely taken care by his mother, as his father passed away during his childhood. The glimpse of his days from 2015 was such that he travelled to his learning center named Diya Foundation on his own along with his assistive tool (walker) which he joined after completing his matriculation, where he seek an opportunity to proceed in multimedia based program from AIMS Media (associate partner).

His willingness to travel 17km from his home to the learning center to learn multimedia based program during which he explored numerous activities which helped to build the base by developing functional areas, creativity, technical skills and learnt to work on multiple designing software. His journey towards enrolling himself in this program had many obstacles from appearing for the assessments (pre requiste of course) to enhance his skills timely and pass in the outlined process of evaluation.

After his completion of 18 months of Diploma in Learning Based AEMP, he further pursued to continue doing Project Based AEMP which is an advance level that helped him in developing projects, confidence and communication skills through online tests, Portfolio and training himself for the future readiness to avail employment. His resilient behavior during the grueling training period helped him attain the advance diploma in Project Based AEMP which further assisted his journey to fulfill his dream of becoming a ‘Graphic Designer’.

Farhan’s scuffle to seek an opportunity to showcase his expertise and with his unswayed dedication he appeared for many interviews for the open employment. His good fortune surprised him with the permanent job in a reputed institution name ‘Indian School of Business and Computing’ where he has been assigned as a Graphic Designer. He travels 15km everyday to reach his workplace and also with the kind support of the institution he avails Friday’s as off along with the set number of weekly off. “The time values you, when you learn to value the time”, says Farhan.

Mrityunjay Chaubey is the editor in chief at The Youth. He hails from Indore. Before The Youth, He worked for Indian Defence News as a columnist and was a reporter at two other sports portals.