Lakhs of devotees make way for Ambulance during Puri Rath Yatra

One thing which all the people hate is getting stuck in a traffic jam and things can get really dangerous if an ambulance gets stuck in jam-packed roads.

In a sensational feat, around 1200 volunteers and lakhs of devotees at the Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra on July 4, gathered as a unit only to create a human corridor for safe passage for an ambulance that was trying to pass through the jam-packed roads.

The video clip was shared from the Twitter handle of Puri SP and it instantly went viral on the internet. People were really thrilled and surprised to see the ambulance getting through the massive crowd.

The video’s caption read, ‘1200 volunteers, 10 organizations and hours of practice made this human corridor for free ambulance movement possible during Puri Rath Yatra 2019’.

Here’s the video below:

Meanwhile, Bengaluru students have done something great which students of other states should take note of. After rounds of discussion and experimenting with different ideas, they have finally made a ‘Traffic Control System’, an innovative solution for the traffic police who find it tough to make way for ambulance stuck behind rows of vehicles on the busiest roads.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the students of the Sapthagiri College of Engineering who took efforts to create a light sensor that will detect the light pulse sequence of the ambulance. With this, the traffic police in the city can manually operate signals and then let the ambulances pass, as per The New Indian Express.

Credits: TNIE

An active team of students are now patenting their creation. The students include the fourth-semester Electronics and Communication Engineering students Nitin BS, BK Harshit, Prathika VM and Dhanush Bhardwaj HP.

“The electronics and communication functions of the system are implemented by two micro-controller boards in the traffic light unit and one micro-controller within the torch,” said the students.

“The traffic lights control system consists of a light code sequence detector mounted above the red traffic light, and a light pulse sequence emitting torch. The light pulse sequence is detected by a light sensor interfaced to a micro-controller. The torch has a micro-controller that produces a pre-determined sequence of light pulses,” the group told TNIE.

According to them, the light sensor will be positioned on a ‘black-yellow pattern’ board which will guide the ambulance driver in massive traffic.

“The light code sequence detector recognises light sequences and signals the traffic light control circuit to switch immediately to green and allow the ambulance to pass,” they added.

The invention has now been filed for patent issue by the Indian Patents Office, they added in a statement.

In a bid to bring a change, the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill which was proposed earlier has now been passed by the Cabinet, chaired by PM Narendra Modi. As per the new revision, the new bill will now imply a massive fine on traffic defaulters.

If you block an ambulance with your car because you’ll have to face some serious consequence of paying 10,000 fine, thanks to the brilliant step taken by the PM Narendra Modi-led government.