Bhojpuri actor kept hugging beautiful actress even after Director announced “Cut”, check out details

These days, it has become a trend to have an intimate scene in almost every movie of Bollywood. The scenes bring in more spice to the film and also help in attracting the audience. But have you ever wondered what happens when these scenes are shot? How actors act and react to such scenes? What must they be thinking while shooting such scenes? What is their feeling before and after shooting these scenes? Probably not, but the answers to these questions are indeed interesting.

It involves a lot of struggle. Actors are surrounded by a whole unit, cast, camera, visitors, and professionals. To perform such an intimate scene in the presence of such a large audience must be awkward. But there are some proofs that clearly show that some actors actually enjoy doing such scenes. There have been instances when the actors were still intimate even after the director’s cut.

Such a case has emerged from Mungra Badshahpur, Uttar Pradesh where the shooting of Bhojpuri film Chala Jhootha is going on. Ajay Yadav, who became a singer-turned-actor after the immense success of the Bhojpuri film Ram Milaye Jodi, who promotes the entire family literacy mission, is currently shooting the Bhojpuri film Chala Jhootha at his original residence, village Sarai Fattu, Block Mungra Badshahpur. The film stars Ajay Yadav and Anindita Giri.

As per reports, actor Ajay Yadav was shooting for the film. During the shooting, something unexpected happened which made Ajay Yadav embarrassed in front of everyone. Some pictures from the shooting are doing the rounds on social media. 

Anindita Giri is playing a lead role in this movie and she had to shoot a romantic scene with Ajay Yadav. As soon as the camera was turned on for this scene, Ajay Yadav could not control himself and he grabbed Anindita Giri tightly. Even after saying the director’s cut, he did not leave her.

According to source, when the actor Ajay Yadav was doing a romantic scene, he was still clinging to the actress Anindita Giri even after the director called the cut. Ajay Yadav and Anindita Giri both are professional actors. The requirement of this romantic scene was such that both were shown to be immersed in love. The actor Yadav was immersed in his character to make the scene realistic and the two gave a romantic scene that seemed like it was not going to be a picture scene, but in reality the two lovers are spending moments of love.

The character of Anindita Giri in the film is quite different, which will be a surprise package for the audience. Anindita Giri, who hails from Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh, has worked in many films like Da, Mere Jeevan Saathi, Agaaz, Chor Police etc. in Bhojpuri film veil.

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