Meet Aslam Khan- the man who played several roles in Ramayana, he is the most unsung hero

The Ramayana has been broadcast on Doordarshan (DD) once again after over three decades on the demand of people amid the ongoing nationwide lockdown.

As the show hit the Doordarshan after a long period of time, it gained instant popularity across the country. Ramayan has become the most watched Hindi serial at the moment as people are staying indoors amid the shutdown.

In the first week of its re-telecast, Ramayan has garnered the highest ever TRP ratings, breaking records of other serials. One actor who attracted everyone’s attention with his roles was Aslam Khan.Khan performed various supporting roles, ranging from rakshas (demon) to sant (saint). But he was seen performing the role of Samudra Dev in the latest episode of Ramayan which has been re-run on Doordarshan.

Social media has been flooded with memes on Aslam Khan. Some have started calling him ‘Duggal Sahab’. People on social media are cracking jokes about the fact that he played so many roles in the hugely popular show.

Recently, Aslam Khan appeared in an interview to Naarad TV through a telephonic conversation. In the interview, he said that he never really had any interest in acting as such. During his pursuit of a job in the private sector, he was taken to watch a stage show by a friend. Through the friend, he was introduced to the world of acting. He has acted for the first time in a Vikram and Vetaal show at the time.

Hailing from Jhansi, Aslam Khan has acted in several shows but he earned a lot of fame due to his roles in the Ramayana. As for memes on social media, Aslam Khan says that there was no social media in those times and says that had there been social media then, he might gained a lot of popularity and would have started receiving more prominent roles. He said that he is feeling very happy now that his work is being acknowledged.

Ramayana has probably been the most viewed mythology TV serial in India. It was aired during 1987-1988. The serial was created, written, and directed by Ramanand Sagar. Those days, people used to buy television sets for watching Ramayan on Doordarshan (DD) channel. Many people used to offer aarti as soon as the serial started and after ending the serial they used to distribute ‘blessed food’.

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