Gujarati man earns 31 degrees inside jail in just 8 years, gets Government job as soon as he completes his jail term

Have you ever heard that someone has obtained many degrees while being in jail and then got a government job after release?

There is nothing under the sun that one cannot touch the pinnacle of success with individual talent. At any time, life can change and all one can do is to set goals high and to march towards it each day of life. Bhanubhai Patel touched the pinnacle of success despite being in jail for 8 years.

Generally, the life of a prisoner goes from bad to worse after going to jail or such prisoners become more criminal than before. But there are very few prisoners who become successful in their lives even after going to jail. Such a rare example has come to light from Gujarat.

Bhanubhai Patel from Bhavnagar in Gujarat surprised everyone by obtaining 31 degrees in eight years while in jail. On top of that, he immediately got a government job after serving 8 years of imprisonment. Bhanubhai did not stop there, but in the next five years after getting the job, he got 23 more degrees. Therefore, Bhanubhai’s name was registered in Limca Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, Unique World Records, India Book of Records, Universal Records Forum and World Records India.

The 59-year-old Bhanubhai Patel is a native of Mahuva taluka in Bhavnagar. After completing MBBS from a medical college, he moved to the United States in 1992 for a medical degree. There, a friend of his used to work on a student visa and transfer his salary to his brother’s account.

He was therefore charged with violating the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act. Due to which, he was also sentenced to 10 years at the age of 50. During this time he got a total of 31 degrees in eight years.

In general, if a person goes to jail, he is not offered a government job. But in Bhanubhai’s case, he was offered a job by Ambedkar University. During this job, he got 23 more degrees in 5 years. Thus far, as many as 54 degrees have been registered in his name.

Meanwhile, Bhanubhai wrote three books in Gujarati, Hindi and English, based on his experience in prison during the lockdown and his journey to the world record. Bhanubhai has also served as the presiding officer in the Gujarat Assembly elections.

According to a report by the National Crime Bureau, Gujarat has more educated inmates than uneducated inmates. This includes inmates with degree, engineering, postgraduate degrees. There are 442 graduates, 150 technical degree-diploma holders and 213 post graduate prisoners in Gujarat jails. Most prisoners are serving sentences for crimes such as kidnapping and murder.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.