Muslim boys rape Hindu girl- they upload videos online allegedly for not accepting Islam

In a competitive world where India is more into the new era of Science & Technology, Space Exploration and other factors in the build-up to the economic development in India, the nation is still carrying an unwanted record which we people are aware of.

With so many records to boast about India’s development, their failure to stop rape cases is haunting like hell. Rape is the fourth most common crime in India. The level of rape cases in our nation rose alarmingly. It is learnt that most of the rape cases were committed by someone known to the victim. The same happened to a Hindu lady who was raped by two known persons- Talib and Salman.

Credits: ANI

Just a couple of weeks ago, a well known minister indicated that watching porn videos directly or indirectly accounts for the rape cases in India. Again another rape took place recently as two Muslim men allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj.

They made things from bad to worse as they uploaded a video on social media when she reportedly did not convert to Islam. The concerned family is absolutely upset over the rape video that surfaced on the internet. A disturbing mobile phone video allegedly depicting a woman being sexually assaulted by two men in Uttar Pradesh, has reportedly gone widespread on social media.

The police in Kannauj have already begun their investigation into the video after the woman’s family registered a case alleging the two men posted the video of the disturbing incident.

It was a dark day for the woman on April 24 where she was gang-raped. The heartbroken victim’s sister stressed the fact that should the accused are not hanged or given life improvement, their family will end their lives by committing suicide. “If the accused are not hanged or given life imprisonment, we will give up our lives,” the sister told news agency ANI.

Sources suggest that the two accused have been identified as Talib and Salman, who are both residents of the same locality. The sources went on to say that, the woman had gone out to bring water from a well in the area when she was sexually assaulted by the two men.

She seemingly did not tell her parents about the unfortunate incident due to fear of neighbours damaging the good reputation of her family. The woman along with her family rushed to the local police station and filed a case. The police have said they will track the two accused soon.

Chaithanya G
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